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Upcoming Events and Appearances

2019 Events and Appearances

January 22, 2019                     Civil War Round Table: Hilton Head, SC

February 8, 2019                      Stratford Hall Lecture: Fredericksburg, VA

February 11, 2019                    Civil War Round Table: Fredericksburg, VA

March 22-24, 2019                   "Civil War Weekend" at Virginia Tech: Blacksburg, VA

April 7-15, 2019                         Lecturer, AMERICAN QUEEN: Memphis-New Orleans

April 28, 2019                            Narrator, "America The Beautiful" Concert-Roanoke Symphony: Roanoke, VA

May 3, 2019                               Civil War Round Table: Central New Jersey

May 17, 2019                             Civil War Round Table: Roanoke, VA

May 27, 2019                             Sons of Confederate Veterans Memorial Service: Richmond, VA

May 28, 2019                             Civil War Round Table: Southport, SC

June 3, 2019                               Central New Jersey Civil War Round Table

June 8, 2019                               Virginia Tech Alumni Reunion: Blacksburg, VA

September 9, 2019                    West Richmond Businessmen's Association: Richmond, VA

October 5, 2019                         Montross Fall Festival, Talk at Old Courthouse, 11:30 am-12:30 pm: Montross, VA

November 14, 2019                   Kappa Alpha Order Banquet: Ashland, VA

November 17, 2019                   Civil War Round Table: Louisville, KY

November 18, 2019                   Civil War Round Table: Lexington, KY

2020 Events and Appearances

January 20, 2020                       Civil War Round Table: Augusta, GA

March 10, 11, 12, 2020              RULE OF LAW-Roanoke College: Salem, VA

March 27-29, 2020                     Civil War Round Table, Virginia Tech: Blacksburg, VA

April 17, 2020                             Liberty University Symposium: Lynchburg, VA